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Once again porn is placed in the back burner

So just wondering. As I reached one of my "is it just me?" thoughts again. Did anybody get any xmas cards, letters, what not from Harmony? Just wondering if the girl is doing okay?

Oh since it's been a month since I heard from her. I know..don't bite my takes time for things to arrive and sometime she gets side tracked. But I don't mean to be selfish when I say; Damn it I want letters and I want them now! Okay now that I got that out of my system, let's move on. I do understand that maybe she hasn't for xy and z reasons had time to write, send and what forth any letters. But you kinda get (apply very negative mood know to man here)..not knowning what your girlfriend is up to. Is she okay? Maybe my mail is being jacked again who knows. Just figure I plead for a little something. However small it might be. Because who ever said "No news is good news!" must have been eating BULLSHIT!
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I got something from her about two weeks before Christmas I think. I've been procrastinating myself, having needed to send her a letter for two months now. Do you know if she's still living at her house? I know that she was scared that she was going to have to move, and I was just wondering if she had to.
My head is a little fuzzy..When was that? Was that the Dec.9/10 letter you got? Because I got my first and only on the 9th of Dec and then you said you recieved one after me. I am just freaked. I have spent this whole damn holiday month gone by sick over worrying about her! I have sent over 10 letters and no reply. I don't know if it's her or my mail or what to think! I thought about e-mailing Stacey. But doesn't she live with Harmony? I asked Harm to give you a ring and exchange each other's numbers with you at least. Did she ever do that with you? As you asked me once about her number. I gave her my number too. Just in case she felt like calling me. I don't know. Maybe she's living in her van. Well at least I think. Goddess I wish I was with her now. It be so much easier. Maybe she's sick. She did have Phenmonia...could it have reappeared...?? I hate worrying. Either way I am mailing her a batch of letters with some tincekert and some cash. She might need it for whatever comes along. I just don't know what to do.
Well she can't really call me, as she doesn't have my number. Plus I don't really have a phone. Well, at my parent's house, but yeah.

I figure I haven't heard from her because I haven't sent anything, or she's busy with that job she was getting. Or she's had to move.

See the last one scary me. Good that she's out from rat boy. But bad because I fear what she'll do alone and no less what if her home now is her van? argh..hate this. I should just say fuck it to everything and go out there and find her! Now if I had a car, some gas and money. I be set. I hope its that job interview she wanted so bad. Um..that makes me smile. My girl, a corp. girl! Okay I dwell on that for now. Thanks and happy new year?