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Newest Email

Latest Email from Mark:

Hi everyone. Just another update on Harm. Not much to tell really. They have
let her start wearing normal clothes and sleep in her room which is a lot
better than hospital gowns and sleeping in the noisy hall. She has told them
that she isn't suicidal anymore, and they may release her soon, only I think
she is just telling them what they want to hear. I think if she comes home,
especially back into the same situation its only going to cause more trouble
She apparently can not take the medication for her bipolar disorder because
they interact with her other medications and apparently all of the other
types of medication for bpd don't work with her for one reason or another
like she is allergic or they just make her really sick. I'm very worried
that if she comes back home right now into the same situation that she may
try to kill herself again. Hopefully I'll get to speak with the doctors
tomorrow before they make the decision on whether or not to send her home..
That's about all I have for now. Please, I know there are a lot of Harmony's
friends e-mail addresses that I can't find, so if you know anyone who knows
her please pass these e-mails on. I have already had 2 angry friends contact
me fusiing because they hadn't been told.
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