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For the love of Harmony [entries|friends|calendar]
For the love of Harmony

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3/12/78 [11 Mar 2004|10:41pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Tomorrow's her Birthday!

Countdown: 1hr. and 12mins.

Happy Birthday Sweetie

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[14 Feb 2004|09:18am]

I just wanted to let everyone know that Harmony is without continued access to a computer again. She's job hunting again, and will be back with us as soon as she can be. Or so thats the last I've heard.
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Carebears and more... [28 Jan 2004|10:25pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

If you really love her, you would give her a *hug*! Notice I said *hug*. So don't even try anything else :-D.

give loveharmony more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

The first hundred are mine! :-P

Be cool to have it in the community profile. *hint*

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[12 Jan 2004|05:45pm]

Harmony posted in her journal today! She's not back online at home, but yeah, read her journal for more info.

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Once again porn is placed in the back burner [02 Jan 2004|01:59am]

[ mood | curious ]

So just wondering. As I reached one of my "is it just me?" thoughts again. Did anybody get any xmas cards, letters, what not from Harmony? Just wondering if the girl is doing okay?

Oh since it's been a month since I heard from her. I know..don't bite my balls...it takes time for things to arrive and sometime she gets side tracked. But I don't mean to be selfish when I say; Damn it I want letters and I want them now! Okay now that I got that out of my system, let's move on. I do understand that maybe she hasn't for xy and z reasons had time to write, send and what forth any letters. But you kinda get (apply very negative mood know to man here)..not knowning what your girlfriend is up to. Is she okay? Maybe my mail is being jacked again who knows. Just figure I plead for a little something. However small it might be. Because who ever said "No news is good news!" must have been eating BULLSHIT!

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Maybe a little out of order [18 Dec 2003|01:46am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Just thought I say this cause I know she would. If anyone dislike this. Be my guest to delete it. I don't care.

So on with it. There's this poll going on. About "gay marriages". So being that her and I are of the same sex and in a relationship beyond the Victorian classification of a "friendly romance" I thought maybe everyone here would be interested in taking place in it. Considering it's an issue close to (our) her heart! The result of this poll will be presented before congress!

In which the census of the general majority will speak volumes on the matter and hopefully succeed in propeling the mandated rights of marriage to gay couples. Based on the fact the pollers soley broadcast this poll on therir site. Non politically oriented people faze out and just plain don't know about it. So the plan is to have a mass spread of people going on to the site and hopefully supporting the issues of giving "full marriages rights" to gay couples.

Because you don't like the opposite sex doesn't mean nor give anyone the right to deny you your rights. Please I beg of you go here---> Gay Marriages Polls and vote! I don't ask to be let know of your stand on the issue or which of the choices you picked. That will always be a secret between you and the federal government. Which protects your right to secrecary on voting matters. However you can volunteer your info if you choose. But not required!

If you like to copy the link here it is without the Lj-tags


Please vote and take a stand for once!

Thank You!

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[09 Dec 2003|07:50pm]

If you haven't already emailed me and asked for Harmony's address, well, why haven't you??? She wants to hear from all of us. I just don't feel right about putting her address up for the world to see. So if you want to write her. Email me at t_oswalt@bellsouth.net.
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Pissing on the lawn! [08 Dec 2003|11:54pm]

[ mood | However Ecstatic ]

Pointless title. Point taken O.K.

Harmony Alert!

I just got a letter from her today. It's had things that I should share. Because mainly it's some bits that belong to us all! Even if it's direct to me. I still have no right to not tell you guys. So skiming along here is some bits of need to know.

-She sure has great lips! and good taste in picking lipstick shades! Oh wait that's for me. Sorry! ^D^

-"I've been looking for a job, with no luck." (direct quote)Harmony

-Has a "temp" job for December delivering phone books. Which she started on Friday. This from a letter dated 12-2-03. However she has to work around Mark's work schedule, Because he has no car and his new gf doesn't ethier. Durham buses also don't reach that far to where they live. Buses are more for main town. Then remote outskirt woody areas. Where they live.

_Thanksgiving was okay. little irritable

_"Health has been up & down. I was in the hospital 2 weeks ago because I caught the flu and it turned to pnemonia XP. It sucked, but I'm O.K. now. Just a bit of a cough left."_ (direct quote) Harmony from a letter dated 11-28-03.

*Tears* Wish I was there to hold her and take of here. Stay with her. *bow down head and cries*

Oh and the pissy shocker!

"Mark's parents the only reason I'm not homeless right now b/c they have been giving Mark money for the bills and they have said they won't help us anymore. So basically if Mark doesn't find a better job and/or I don't find an O.K. job fast he'll go live with his parents & I'll have nowhere to go." (direct quote) Harmony from a letter dated 12-3-03

Now do we all see the reason why we must all donate at least a dollar?!
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In need of a little cheer... [07 Dec 2003|11:43pm]

[ mood | broken ]

Just for some humor here. I was wondering. How everyone met/knows our "Golden Charm" Harmony? kinda like the whole deal with bells and all.

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[18 Nov 2003|05:04pm]

As I said, I got another letter from Harmony. She said to thank everyone who sent stuff in the package. She also asked that I tell everyone to write her. As she trusts my judgement about posting her address online, I decided not to actually post it in a journal, but to say that if you would like to have her address, please email at t_oswalt@bellsouth.net. I'll respond to the emails with her address. Thanks all.
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Sorry for being an annoyance(sp?)! [14 Oct 2003|01:14am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Does anyone know if Harmony has tried to make contact with me? Seem silly but my computer has been down since Sept. 17. I haven't managed to do anything with a computer since then (well until today). I know I should have at least mailed her a letter or something. But I have been "busy". Apparently there is life outside the internet! But I have these..well it's best explain if I say "feelings" like she has something or wants me to know something. But since the account she mails me at are set to delete by deault of the company (something I can't change!) every seven days any e-mails or bounce over the quota e-mails. I don't really know the answer to my own question! Which makes me upset! Kinda wishing here for any bit.

...And yes just to avoid any questions. I have a stock pile of letters and a couple of tinkers to give her!

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Help Harmony [19 Sep 2003|03:17pm]

A while back I posted about a website that Harmony's neice Stacey made to try and help Harmony. Stacey asked me to fix the site up a little bit, and with her permission I moved the site to geocities, and redid it. It's not some spectatular thing, but it gets the point across. Anyway, the new link is Help Harmony.

I know that many of us are broke ourselves, but if there is anything you can do to help, please check out the site.

Harmony, I'm sorry if you didn't want me promoting that...
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Newest Email [07 Sep 2003|08:39pm]

Latest Email from Mark:

Hi everyone. Just another update on Harm. Not much to tell really. They have
let her start wearing normal clothes and sleep in her room which is a lot
better than hospital gowns and sleeping in the noisy hall. She has told them
that she isn't suicidal anymore, and they may release her soon, only I think
she is just telling them what they want to hear. I think if she comes home,
especially back into the same situation its only going to cause more trouble
She apparently can not take the medication for her bipolar disorder because
they interact with her other medications and apparently all of the other
types of medication for bpd don't work with her for one reason or another
like she is allergic or they just make her really sick. I'm very worried
that if she comes back home right now into the same situation that she may
try to kill herself again. Hopefully I'll get to speak with the doctors
tomorrow before they make the decision on whether or not to send her home..
That's about all I have for now. Please, I know there are a lot of Harmony's
friends e-mail addresses that I can't find, so if you know anyone who knows
her please pass these e-mails on. I have already had 2 angry friends contact
me fusiing because they hadn't been told.
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Her voice in my head [02 Sep 2003|10:12pm]

[ mood | Dead Inside :'( ]

What a way of knowing things

"Im very sorry to have to tell you all this. I am also sorry that it has taken me so long to write to you. I couldnt find all of the e-mail addresses for the people she had me sending updates to, so if you know any of her friends please pass this on. or dont use your judgement. Harmony attempted suicide last week. She nearly succeeded. She says it was because of the financial trouble and feeling like a burden to everyone. Her sponsor for her doctor visits and medications told her last week that they couldnt pay for these things anymore and she was scared i think because she had no way to pay for any of these things that she needs. We are still unsure about the financial issue. The home we live in may be taken away from us soon because of foreclosure, and when the check I wrote to the power company bounces it will probably be shut off to. Harmony is in a local mental hospital right now, mainly because she quite frankly has let them know she intends on killing herself and that there is nothing anyone can do to change her mind. I will update again if we still have power and if I have any more news. I am very sorry if this seems impersonal, but I honestly don't know any of you and feel stupid telling so much to people I dont know. "

E-mail from Mark

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[02 Sep 2003|07:10pm]

I did get the go ahead to post the email...I will put it back up when I get home, unless the original poster would like to go ahead and do it. Sorry I made the call to take it down, I just wanted to be sure.
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Please Read [02 Sep 2003|08:26am]

Please forgive me for deleting the last post, done by la_edad_de_oro. I also received the email, and I considered posting it last night, but as it said, I did a judgement call and decided I didn't want it in the community until I knew if Harmony herself wished for everyone to know it. The people I felt should know immediately were either emailed, or contacted, and through the comments that came to that post, I know that they did see the post. I thank you for caring enough about her to let her friends know, but being my community, I just had to make the judgement call that she may not wish for everyone in the community to know something that personal, since she may not know some of these people that well.

If those of you who saw the post, and Harmony herself, think it should be put back up, I have it saved and I will gladly repost it. Sorry.
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[ mood | scared ]

She and I were talking around seven. When at 7:50pm she had a "blackout" it lasted for nearly two hours! As I helpless waited while IMing her like crazy! I assumed she went away for a while to rest..being she is sick. She IM after regaining conscious that she was resting to maybe be back on later. But as you can see that isn't the case. She asked to be taken to her local hospital. I only ask that you keep her in your thoughts, maybe do a prayer..whatever your into and if it's not to much light a candle...I really hope is okay!..I don't what I do if something happened to her! *Tears*

"katie asked me to tell you we just had to take her to the hospital.

she couldnt stay conscious and they said us that if she stayed that way too long to take her so we did...

i mean she seem ok its just if she is out too long it can cause an oxygen problem so they have to find out why she keeps staying out and try to fix it

ill have her to tell you when she is home...they said they would probably jus keep her a few hours and then let her out

they have to stabalize her...
"- IM from stacey

Also anyone know Kitty..Please tell her about this

PS Tonya cross post it to her journal please!

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Layout [14 Jul 2003|03:00pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Hey guys I updated the community's layout. Please check it out and tell me what you think. I'm thinking that if you're using 800 x 600 resolution, you may only see part of the image, just AJolie's eyes mostly...if you see the whole image you'll see her whole face, with her eating a peach. Either way, if you just see the eyes, or if you see it all, does it look alright? I was thinking that even just the eyes are cool, because Harmony loves pictures of eyes.


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Previously Posted - Wishlist [13 Jul 2003|08:45pm]

Harmony has a "Wishlist" at Amazon.
Here is the link to her Wishlist - Want to get Harmony something?

*PLEASE NOTE*: The original post regarding this was deleted by me, the community owner - I didn't change anything important. Just so that its known, la_edad_de_oro originally had the idea to post this. Thanks again la_edad_de_oro for the idea!
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Amending my last post [13 Jul 2003|08:34pm]

I know, I could have just edited the post, but I wanted to make sure you all saw it. I said that I'd deleted my last post, but that wasn't true, it was the post before that! If you're still confused, look at the community's journal page, and you'll figure out which post is missing!


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