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She and I were talking around seven. When at 7:50pm she had a "blackout" it lasted for nearly two hours! As I helpless waited while IMing her like crazy! I assumed she went away for a while to rest..being she is sick. She IM after regaining conscious that she was resting to maybe be back on later. But as you can see that isn't the case. She asked to be taken to her local hospital. I only ask that you keep her in your thoughts, maybe do a prayer..whatever your into and if it's not to much light a candle...I really hope is okay!..I don't what I do if something happened to her! *Tears*

"katie asked me to tell you we just had to take her to the hospital.

she couldnt stay conscious and they said us that if she stayed that way too long to take her so we did...

i mean she seem ok its just if she is out too long it can cause an oxygen problem so they have to find out why she keeps staying out and try to fix it

ill have her to tell you when she is home...they said they would probably jus keep her a few hours and then let her out

they have to stabalize her...
"- IM from stacey

Also anyone know Kitty..Please tell her about this

PS Tonya cross post it to her journal please!
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