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Maybe a little out of order

Just thought I say this cause I know she would. If anyone dislike this. Be my guest to delete it. I don't care.

So on with it. There's this poll going on. About "gay marriages". So being that her and I are of the same sex and in a relationship beyond the Victorian classification of a "friendly romance" I thought maybe everyone here would be interested in taking place in it. Considering it's an issue close to (our) her heart! The result of this poll will be presented before congress!

In which the census of the general majority will speak volumes on the matter and hopefully succeed in propeling the mandated rights of marriage to gay couples. Based on the fact the pollers soley broadcast this poll on therir site. Non politically oriented people faze out and just plain don't know about it. So the plan is to have a mass spread of people going on to the site and hopefully supporting the issues of giving "full marriages rights" to gay couples.

Because you don't like the opposite sex doesn't mean nor give anyone the right to deny you your rights. Please I beg of you go here---> Gay Marriages Polls and vote! I don't ask to be let know of your stand on the issue or which of the choices you picked. That will always be a secret between you and the federal government. Which protects your right to secrecary on voting matters. However you can volunteer your info if you choose. But not required!

If you like to copy the link here it is without the Lj-tags

Please vote and take a stand for once!

Thank You!
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