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Pissing on the lawn!

Pointless title. Point taken O.K.

Harmony Alert!

I just got a letter from her today. It's had things that I should share. Because mainly it's some bits that belong to us all! Even if it's direct to me. I still have no right to not tell you guys. So skiming along here is some bits of need to know.

-She sure has great lips! and good taste in picking lipstick shades! Oh wait that's for me. Sorry! ^D^

-"I've been looking for a job, with no luck." (direct quote)Harmony

-Has a "temp" job for December delivering phone books. Which she started on Friday. This from a letter dated 12-2-03. However she has to work around Mark's work schedule, Because he has no car and his new gf doesn't ethier. Durham buses also don't reach that far to where they live. Buses are more for main town. Then remote outskirt woody areas. Where they live.

_Thanksgiving was okay. little irritable

_"Health has been up & down. I was in the hospital 2 weeks ago because I caught the flu and it turned to pnemonia XP. It sucked, but I'm O.K. now. Just a bit of a cough left."_ (direct quote) Harmony from a letter dated 11-28-03.

*Tears* Wish I was there to hold her and take of here. Stay with her. *bow down head and cries*

Oh and the pissy shocker!

"Mark's parents the only reason I'm not homeless right now b/c they have been giving Mark money for the bills and they have said they won't help us anymore. So basically if Mark doesn't find a better job and/or I don't find an O.K. job fast he'll go live with his parents & I'll have nowhere to go." (direct quote) Harmony from a letter dated 12-3-03

Now do we all see the reason why we must all donate at least a dollar?!
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