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Sorry for being an annoyance(sp?)!

Does anyone know if Harmony has tried to make contact with me? Seem silly but my computer has been down since Sept. 17. I haven't managed to do anything with a computer since then (well until today). I know I should have at least mailed her a letter or something. But I have been "busy". Apparently there is life outside the internet! But I have these..well it's best explain if I say "feelings" like she has something or wants me to know something. But since the account she mails me at are set to delete by deault of the company (something I can't change!) every seven days any e-mails or bounce over the quota e-mails. I don't really know the answer to my own question! Which makes me upset! Kinda wishing here for any bit.

...And yes just to avoid any questions. I have a stock pile of letters and a couple of tinkers to give her!
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