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Her voice in my head

What a way of knowing things

"Im very sorry to have to tell you all this. I am also sorry that it has taken me so long to write to you. I couldnt find all of the e-mail addresses for the people she had me sending updates to, so if you know any of her friends please pass this on. or dont use your judgement. Harmony attempted suicide last week. She nearly succeeded. She says it was because of the financial trouble and feeling like a burden to everyone. Her sponsor for her doctor visits and medications told her last week that they couldnt pay for these things anymore and she was scared i think because she had no way to pay for any of these things that she needs. We are still unsure about the financial issue. The home we live in may be taken away from us soon because of foreclosure, and when the check I wrote to the power company bounces it will probably be shut off to. Harmony is in a local mental hospital right now, mainly because she quite frankly has let them know she intends on killing herself and that there is nothing anyone can do to change her mind. I will update again if we still have power and if I have any more news. I am very sorry if this seems impersonal, but I honestly don't know any of you and feel stupid telling so much to people I dont know. "

E-mail from Mark
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