Celestial Blue (celestialblue) wrote in loveharmony,
Celestial Blue

Please Read

Please forgive me for deleting the last post, done by la_edad_de_oro. I also received the email, and I considered posting it last night, but as it said, I did a judgement call and decided I didn't want it in the community until I knew if Harmony herself wished for everyone to know it. The people I felt should know immediately were either emailed, or contacted, and through the comments that came to that post, I know that they did see the post. I thank you for caring enough about her to let her friends know, but being my community, I just had to make the judgement call that she may not wish for everyone in the community to know something that personal, since she may not know some of these people that well.

If those of you who saw the post, and Harmony herself, think it should be put back up, I have it saved and I will gladly repost it. Sorry.
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